Avoid fraud and scams

Trading safely
A growing number of Arubans and people who love Aruba discover the ease and fun of online trading. Whether you’re looking for a great used car, furniture for your house, an addition to your collection or a handyman, ArubaDeal.com is a great platform to use from now on!

How to trade on ArubaDeal.com?
ArubaDeal.com can be compared to the old classified ads boards which could be found in super markets and other public places. Of course it’s much easier to publish your ads online! Just place your own ad from the comfort of your home and your own PC. Upon publishing your free ad on our website, potential buyers will bid on your product or service, or get in touch with you through email. The buyer can come over and inspect the product to be ensured of the quality. Is all OK? Just make a deal amongst yourselves and you’re all done. Please do notice that any agreement is always made strictly between the buyer and seller, they are responsible for any risks involved. ArubaDeal.com only facilitates parties meeting each other and is not a party in the actual deal.

Tips for trading safely
Of course we are happy to share all tips that might help to prevent a disappointing purchase or sale. Complying with these tips reduces the chance of online scams and fraudulent activities.

• Always close your deal in person, this way you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with and what you’re buying.

• Trust your gut feeling and common sense. If something just seems too good to be true, it usually is.

• Individuals and companies not located on Aruba are not allowed to advertise in the classified ads sections on ArubaDeal.com. We actively monitor our database and will instantly remove ads placed by them. However, we advise you to stay vigilant and keep an eye open for people or companies outside of Aruba. It’s not unheard of that people register with falsified names and locations. As in real life, scammers will always try to abuse the trust of law-abiding citizens to profit from it.

• Never pay before you actually get your product delivered and do not pay in advance.

• Always pay the selling party directly and in cash, always after inspecting your product or service.

• If it proves to be impossible to trade in person, e.g. because you’re out of the country, always use an insured package sending or consider to have a local third and trusted party act on your behalf. 

• Make sure to have clear arrangements with the person you’re dealing with, save all information and perform due diligence on the internet about the person or company. Does the info ad up? Always keep a record of important data such as the buyer/seller, advertorial text, payment information and email correspondence.

• Always communicate about important matters through email. This way you’re sure to have all agreements in writing so there’s no room for misunderstandings on a later time.

• Make sure to get as much information as possible about the product or service and ask questions about any details that are not clear to you. Ask e.g. whether the article is original (no counterfeit) and if it is, if applicable, permitted by law.

• Use our website to compare pricing for products in the same category. Is the price of the article you’re looking for considerable higher or lower? Ask yourself why and be extra cautious in the purchasing process.

• Always inform ArubaDeal.com about possible scams and fraudulent activities and always file a police report.

Fraud and scams
We advise and request you to inform us if you have reason to believe that someone is using our website for fraudulent activities. Please use the Complaints button to do so. If we have a suspicion about fraud or scams, we will remove the specific ad as soon as possible and possibly ban the advertiser entirely from our website. In case of serious offenses, we will also file a police report.

Please be advised that ArubaDeal.com is in no way liable for any fraud or scam taking place on our platform. ArubaDeal only provides for a platform on which buyers and sellers can meet each other.