Frequently asked questions

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1. How to post an ad?
For a more detailed explanation, take a look at the walkthrough found in the Help (link) section, at the header of this site.

2. How to republish an ad?
Log in with your e-mail and password and continue to the control panel of your ads. Just below the tab ‘Archive ‘you will find a list of all expired ads. Select the ad that you wish to republish and continue by selecting the ‘extend selected ads’ option. Cross check by going to the section ‘latest ads’ to confirm whether your ad is re-located successfully. If everything went well your ad should reappear on top of the list.

3. How to remove ads?
Via 'Ad manager’ you are able to remove your ad. After logging in you will be redirected to the section ‘posted’ of the control panel. Here you will find a list of all active ads. Press the checkbox to the left of the ad you wish to remove. You will notice a checkmark appearing in the checkbox. Just below the ads you will find the text ‘remove selection’. Click on the text to remove your ad from the control panel and consequently from the site.

4. How to modify an ad?
Via ‘ad manager' you can easily modify ads. Upon logging in you go directly to the ‘posted’ section found on the control panel. Here you will find a list of all your active ads. Locate the ad that you wish to modify and click on the green striped box, to the right of the ad rule. You will then be directed to a screen with a submit form. Submit your modifications in this form and crosscheck whether all required data is filled in. continue by clicking ‘save’. By doing so the ad is modified and reposted to the site.

5. How to create an account?
In order to post and manage ads you will need to log in via ‘Post your ads’ or the ‘ Manage ads’ section found on the left header section of the homepage. Enter your log in credentials in the log-in screen. Here you will be able to choose a unique password. Once completed, you will be prompted to reenter your password. Enter the combination of your e-mail and password at the bottom of the login screen en click ‘sign in’. You will immediately be directed to your account screen.

6. I’ve lost my password. How to request new ones?
In the log in screen click on the text ‘Forgot password?’ A new password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

7. Who is allowed to post an ad in the private section of
All residents of Aruba, including home owners of a second home on the island and persons whom reside on Aruba for a minimum period of 60 consecutive days or longer are welcome to post ads in the consumer section of

8. Are entrepreneurs allowed to post free ads in the private section?
Aruban entrepreneurs or business managers are considered as private individuals in their free time. They are therefore allowed to advertise products or services free of charge so long as there is no evident connection between the services and or products and their respective organizations. A private ad may not have a commercial intention; will always hold the privilege to assess whether ads posted adhere to these criteria. Mentioning company names, logos, commercial websites or business phone numbers- and fax numbers in the private ad section is prohibited.

9. What are the charges that apply when posting an ad in the private ad section of
On, advertising for private individuals is completely free of charge. We also do not charge any commission fee to sellers or buyers. Companies, clubs, institutions and governmental bodies are allowed to advertise against a small fee.

10. Am I obliged to disclose my e-mail?
You will automatically receive notifications of bids on your ad(s), by using our e-mail service. We will also update you on important manners concerning Furthermore, third parties may reply to your ads during the active period on our site. By disclosing your e-mail you actively contribute keeping the private ad section free of charge. In each mail you receive you can indicate at the bottom, not to be included in future mailings. This is also manageable in the section ‘My information’ found on the control panel.

11. What if I do not wish to make my e-mail public?
You will still be able to post ads in the private ad section of Bids on your ads will remain viewable to you on the website and through the control panel. However you will not receive any automated notifications of bids. Neither will you receive mails on useful information and tips concerning

12. For what purposes is my e-mail address used?
Besides information regarding, uses your e-mail for any bid and or information offered to you by (local) companies, governmental bodies and institutions. Such e-mails are only sent to you a couple of times in a month. In no case however will we disclose your e-mail address to third parties.

13. What type of mailings will I receive through
Besides useful, general (user) information from and on you will receive mailings from companies containing offers. Furthermore we will keep your e-mail at hand for mailings of a more informative nature, such as mailings from (local) institutions, governmental bodies or associations.

14. I am unable to view the ads section. It is not viewable or does not open upon clicking. How is that possible?
In most cases this problem is caused by the Norton Antivirus or other Symantec related software. This program may consider parts of our website as potential threats, preventing the ads section from being opened and disallowing certain site functionalities to work properly. Buttons, banner and promo blocs’ are in some cases also blocked. In the older versions of Norton this build- in security is switched on by default.
Solution: switch off the Norton pop-up blocker or decrease its security level. With the latest updates Norton has adjusted this by deactivating this build in security by default. With other antivirus software these problems in most cases do not occur, try the following antivirus software AntiVir on or AVG, on for a possible better experience.

15. How long do ads remain active?
Ads posted in the private ad section of will generally remain active/ visible on the site for a period of 60 days, while in the commercial ad section this period is 30 days. Adjusting and modifying your ads during this period will not have any effect on the total duration of your ad life. Once your ad activation is terminated you will be notified by e-mail. From here on you could always extend your ad activation.

16. I’m having difficulty uploading a photo to my ad. What to do?
By pressing on the ‘browse’ button located at the bottom of the submit form you’ll be able to upload a photo to your ad. Most problems occur when a user is not able to find the corresponding directory on his/ her local computer that stores the specific photo. We therefore advise you to store all data -if needed minified- for your ad in a predetermined and easy to locate directory. The temp directory on your (C:/temp) disk could make a perfect directory for these means. Do make sure the photo does not exceed the 5 Mb maximum. By clicking on the right mouse button ‘properties’ ‘in Windows Explorer, you will get a clear insight on the exact file size.

17. What steps to follow when posting an ad?
On the homepage of at the top left, click ‘Post ad’ to be directed to the log in screen. Fill out the requested information. Our system will match the password you’ve entered with the corresponding e-mail designating you to your own account.
After this, re-type your e-mail and password and click log in. You will be directed to the control panel of your ads. Once on the control panel click on the ‘new ad’ button for the submit form to pop up. Fill out all required fields and click ‘Post’. If you overlooked fields marked with an asterisk (*) the system will automatically send you a red flag which will become visible on top of your screen. You could cross check as to whether the ad is successfully posted by going to the ‘Latest ads’ section on the site.

18. I’ve noticed that makes use of cookies. What are they and how do they work?
Cookies are small files that store information on your browsing behavior and preferences. Financial institutions amongst others make use of cookies in their software. These so called cookies are completely harmless to your computer and are not to be considered as spyware or virus as such. One of the many benefits that Cookies over to you, is that the site will automatically detect your preferred language upon opening.

19. How to delete an e-mail address from the system?
Log in with your current e-mail and password and proceed to ‘Your information’ found on the control panel. Just below the section ‘Your information’ you will find your current e-mail with next to it the option [Change e-mail address]. By clicking on the tab, a new screen will open, allowing you to change your e-mail. You will need to enter your new e-mail address twice for the changes to take effect. Confirm by clicking the’ Safe’ button. From here on the system will use your new e-mail for future purposes.

20. How to change my system password?
Log in with your current e-mail and password and proceed to the ‘Your information’ section found on the control panel. Just below the section ‘Your information’ you will find your current password with next to it the option [Change password]. By clicking a new screen will open, allowing you to change your password. Prior to changing your password you will need to enter the current password followed by entering your new password twice. Confirm by clicking on the ‘Safe’ button for the changes to take effect. From here on the system will use your new password for future purposes.

21. Am I allowed to post unlimited ads and what are the rules one must abide?
As a private individual you are allowed to post as many ads as you like, free of charge. Companies are allowed to post unlimited ads against a small fee. However, it’s prohibited to post a consecutive ad with (almost) identical content. There is also a limitation on posting a maximum of 5 consecutive ads. Furthermore, a user should post at least one ad as a first post. Once the ad is posted, you will be able to post another 5 consecutive ads. All ads should be posted on their designated sections, e.g. an ad concerning bikes should not be posted in the ‘cars& accessories’ section, furniture related ads may not be posted in the ‘Garments& Fashion’ section. The rules as stated above apply for both private as well as commercial ads.

22. How to remove (irrelevant) bids?
In the control panel you will be able to remove bids placed on your ad. Log in at ‘Manage ads' (top left on the homepage) using your e-mail and password. Continue by clicking on the ‘bids’ button. You will be directed to an overview of all bids placed on your ad. Check the checkbox in front of the bid that you wish to remove. Continue by clicking the ‘Remove bid(s)’ text. The bid will be removed from the site. A bidder cannot remove his/her own bid after this is posted on the site.

23. All of a sudden my ad seems no were to found. How is this possible?
Your ad probably still exists on the site. Take a look in the sub section where your ad is posted. Click on the bold header of the specific sub section or click on ‘More ads’. Behind the head title of the subsection in parentheses you will find the number of ads posted in a specific section. This gives you a clear insight on the total amount of ads in any specific section. If you recently posted an ad it will most likely be visible in this overview. Another way of locating your posted ad is by typing parts of the ad title as a search phrase in the search box and clicking ‘search’. For example if your ad’s title includes the words ‘brand-new gazelle gents bike’ typing in ‘Gazel’ or ‘bike’ should be sufficient. You will find your ad listed in the results from your search query. The more accurate your query is the more accurate the search results will be presented to you.

24. I’ve received a bid on my ad, but I’ve lost the e-mail address of the bidder. Is there a way of retrieving the address?
Log in with your e-mail and password via the ‘Manage ads’ section found on the homepage. On the control panel you will find the ‘Bids’ tab. Just below the tab all bids on your specific ad are shown including the corresponding e-mail addresses of the bidders. By clicking on an e-mail address you will be directed to the mailing system.

25. Is a bidder obliged to make an actual purchase of the product or service to which he/she placed a bid?
A bid on a certain product or service is but a mere indication to a seller of an certain compensation that a potential buyer would be willing to pay for a certain product or service. Since the potential buyer has not seen the actual product or service, a bid can never be considered final. A bid can therefore never be considered binding for both the selling as the buying party. only acts as intermediary in this process and as such is never to be considered stakeholder in the process.

26. My log in credentials does not seem to be valid. How is this possible?
You are allowed to have multiple accounts on However If you have more than one account on you will risk the change of mixing up these accounts. With a large amount of accounts you might lose track to which ads were posted under which account. Our advice therefore would be to use only one single account for your ads.

27. unable to view pop-ups?
The pop-up blocker is activated in the browser on your local computer. Solution: deactivate the pop-up blocker. (When using MS Windows go to: Extra>pop up blocker; deactivate pop up blocking.)

28. Not receiving any confirmation mail when placing a bid. How is that possible?
Whenever you place a bid on an ad you will receive a confirmation e-mail on the address known to the system. Through this e-mail you are able to confirm or decline the placed bid. In the occurrence of not receiving confirmation mails this is most likely caused by a spam filter. This could either be a spam filter installed on your local computer or a spam filter from your mail provider. In most cases this problem is solved by decreasing the security level on your spam filter. Cross- check as to whether the mail ended up in your spam box. As a temporarily solutions you could also place your bid through the ‘send mail to advertiser’ option found at the bottom of each mail.
Calling is much faster! If the advertiser made his/her phone number public, you could always place your bid via phone, works much faster!