Step-by-step Placing your ads online

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1.Click on the left-top side of the homepage on the text ‘Place advertisement’.

2.Is this your first login? Please register your information by clicking on the link 'Click here to sign up.' An administration form opens. Fill in the form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Also fill in a personal password two times for confirmation and make sure to remember this password.

3.Read the Terms & Conditions for advertising on our website. Click on the link 'Terms of Service’, confirm to accept these conditions by checking the box and click on ‘Save’.

4.Within 5 seconds you'll be redirected to the Control Panel where you can manage your ads.

5.Click on the ‘New advertisement’ button under the ‘Published’ section. The form in which you can specific your ad will open.

6.Fill in all information about your ad and select up to eight images from your local computer to upload with the ad (max. 5 MB per image) If your images are too large in size, please reduce their size in a separate application such as Microsoft Paint (standard in Windows) or Adobe Photoshop.

7.Please have a preview of your ad in the special preview-screen. This will be shown to your without a picture. Close the pop-up by clicking on the text at the left-bottom of the screen.

8.Change your ad where you want to further optimize it. To do so, simply click on the field you want to change. If you wish to entirely remove the ad, click on ‘Delete’.

9.If you’re finished with your ad, please click ‘Save`. The system will then resize your images to the right size. This might take some time, depending on the size of your pictures and your own computer. If you forgot to fill in a required field, the system will inform you about this in a red text at the top of the screen.

10.Your ad is placed. Don’t forget to check whether all went well by checking the ‘Latest ads’ in the section you uploaded your ad to. In almost every instance, your ad will be placed on top of the category. Click on the picture or bold title of your ad to open it, after which you can check if everything is displayed as it’s supposed to.

11.It’s always possible to change your ad at any later moment by using the control panel in the ‘Published’ section. Please click on the green icon at the end of the line where your ad title is placed.
If you have placed advertisements on before, you can easily manage your classified ads using the ‘Manage Ads’ button on the homepage.
TIP: Your password and personal information can be easily updated on the ‘My info’ page in your control panel.