How it works

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How to post ads
Aruban private individuals and companies alike are allowed to advertise on our online trading platform. Advertising for private individuals is completely free of charge. Companies, associations and institutions are allowed to advertise, against a small fee.

Posting ads to their respective sections on the website is easy. Continue to log in after you’ve registered in the ‘post ad’ section and created your personal account. Fill out your ad form, upload photos to it (very important, ads with picture provide for better ROI!) continue by click on the ‘post ad’ button. You’re ad will immediately be posted on the site. Cross check by looking at the ‘Latest ads’ section as to whether the ad is successfully posted. If everything went correct your newly posted ad will appear on top of the list.

Go to the Help section, found at the footer on the homepage, there you will find a walkthrough for a more detailed explanation on posting ads which can be found at the footer on the homepage.

Searching and finding items
Via the ‘subject’ section on you are able to quickly find specific items.
The search box at the top-left on the homepage allows you to search for specific items, by typing – part- a search phrase. The more accurate your phrase is the better results you will get.
All recent ads post can be found in the ‘latest ads’ section. Early bidders often succeed getting the best bargains that Aruba has to offer. For those who regularly keep an eye on this section will most likely get the good bargains. By doing so online shopping becomes a real pleasure!

In the ‘Top Deals’ section you will find all the popular ads of the past three days. The ad that receives most visitor clicks will automatically be shown on top of the list. Ads active for over three days will automatically be removed from this section.

In the ‘free ad’ section you will find products and services of which the advertiser does not require reimbursement. Most often you will find the nicest stuff in this section. Regularly viewing this section is again advised, since the most wanted items are sold off fast.