4Sale Home container Aluminium 45 Ft.

Offered By: Entrepeneur

International Construction and Recycling Company with the motto "Think Green". We specialize in construction of apartments which is shipping mobile home containers made of 20ft and 40ft containers.

Rental and Sales

We rent 40ft containers and selling containers of 20ft and 40ft. All containers are in good condition.

Our prices on wards;
- Aluminum Mobile apartment / shipping container home, 45ft long, Afl.28.500,00, with transport by side loader.

Turnkey home of 40ft container can be built with three different materials.

1- With 100% plasterboard Afl.750.00 p / m2
2- With 100% plywood Afl.800.00 p / m2
3- With 100% Super board (cement board) Afl.850.00 p / m2

Note: exclusive kitchen and transportation (from our company to place of destination).

- Container sale of 40ft HC Afl.6.500,00, with transport by side loader.
- Containers for rent 40ft for 1mnd Afl.550,00, 2mnd Afl.500,00, 3mnd and more Afl.450,00, transportation not included.

Construction: mobile home apartments ie shipping containers made of 20ft and 40ft containers.

Rental and Sales: containers.

Interested? Feel free to contact and we will promptly quote you send and, of course, you are welcome to visit us (by appointment please).

Viewing cost small amount, non-refundable.

We are happy to serve you!

(Kindly we ask you for your particulars such as: Your email address, complete name, mobile number etc. when receiving your email)


Looking forward hearing from you!

Price Afl. 28.500,00
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