What is it

ArubaDeal.com is a free online marketplace where consumers, companies and institutions can offer both new and used products or services, both for sale as for rent. Arubadeal.com is thé Aruban version of popular trading sites such as the American Craigslist.com or the Dutch Marktplaats.nl. Arubadeal.com focuses on the local community in Aruba, allowing usage of our service to local residents and business. Please also read our ‘Audience’ section.

On our Arubadeal.com platform, people can trade in numerous products and services. These include houses and boats, cars and bikes, holidays and furniture. Separate categories exist for e.g. clothing, computers, television and radio, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and dryers, air-conditioning systems, couches, tables, chairs, lamps, arts and antiquities, dogs and other pets, motor bikes, health and water sports, etcetera.

Arubadeal.com does however hold high ethical standards, we therefore actively monitor our advertisement database and will remove all advertorials containing either illegal or ethically questionable information, such as drugs, weapons, adult articles or services, offensive ads or those who incite to or support criminal activities. Upon finding such ads, we will remove these without prior notice, grave infringements will always be reported to the local police department. For a full explanation, please review our Terms & Conditions.