This overview provides you with important tips and rules for effective advertising on

Attractive description
Ensure that your product or service description is short to read. This description should provide for an attractive but realistic description of what it is you have to offer. Limit the usage of CAPITALS in your advertorial. Although they will increase the prominence of your ad, its readability will decrease for many website visitors.

A picture tells it all
Clear and good pictures placed with your ad, will allows a potential buyer to come to a better and faster decision. Our experience shows that ads wherein a picture is offered are much more looked upon than those without pictures. Adding pictures to your product simply means better sales results! Our system accepts pictures with a size up to 5MB.

Determining the right price
Products or services with a visible (proposed) pricing get more attention. It’s obvious that lower pricing will often help you sell faster and more. However, a price that is too low, can lead people to believe something is wrong or that the offer might be a scam or fraudulent. To determine the right price for your product, there are a lot of great websites on the internet that can provide you with insights. If you really don’t have a clue what to ask for it, your last option is to select the ‘T.B.A’. or ‘Any acceptable offer’options.

Check your spelling
An ad without grammar or spelling errors will be regarded as more reliable. To help you prevent errors like this, you can write your add in an application such as MS Word, providing for a spell checker. Once your text is complete, simply copy/paste it to the ad form.

Get the category right
Ask yourself which category will attract the most potential customers for your product or service. Placing your ad in an ‘unlogical’ category, will result in much less exposure.

English text is offered in four languages: Papiamento, US English, Spanish and Dutch. In the ad categories, all ads will always be displayed. As the largest part of the visitors of our website will understand English, your best option to reach the largest group of people, is displaying your ad in English.

Brief version of the classified ads conditions

- Placing classified ads on is SOLELY permitted for Aruban consumers, consumers who have a second home on Aruba or consumers who stay on Aruba for a minimum of 60 days, as well as Aruba based companies, institutions and associations;
- Classified ads have a bold displayed title, an (unlimited) body text and a maximum of 8 pictures;
- Consumers may place free classified ads, it is however prohibited to place a company name, commercial website, phone or fax numbers of business and/or institutions within this consumer section. Pointing to commercial activities, whether explicit or implied, is also prohibited. Consumer ads will be places for a duration of 60 days, with an option to prolong this period for another 30 days, free of any charge;
- Businesses may use our paid classified ads section; Commercial ads will be places for the duration of 30 days; for a limited surcharge, a more remarkable background color may be added to the ad;
- Institutions and associations may place their ads in the same model as companies, but are charged a considerably reduced rate;
- The same ad, or virtually the same ad, may not be placed on the website more than 2 times;
- Advertisers may place no more than 5 classified ads directly following each other; after which the advertorials needs to contain at least 1 advertisement of another advertiser (to check this, visit the ‘Latest advertisement’ page);
- Publishing the same advertisement in the same main or sub category is prohibited; the advertisement will be removed by our moderator;
- Advertisements which do not comply to ethical standards, are offensive or which publish illegal or inappropriate goods or services, will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderator;
- If the aforementioned rules are structurally not abided by or if abuse is detected, the moderator can ban the user from its website for a limited or indefinite time
Please note that this explanation only provides for a shortened description of the advertorial rules on, for the full set of conditions please review our ‘Terms & Conditions’. accepts no liability whatsoever for any fraudulent or scamming practices taking place on our website. Our website provides solely for a platform that connects selling and buying parties to one another.